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birth + postpartum 

"To witness birth is to witness life."


Ariana Kaback is a certified birth and postpartum doula who partners with mothers in owning their birthing journey.  She is deeply committed to offering each family a strong foundation of care and support. With an eye toward the holistic, Ariana acts as a guide offering a wide range of evidence-based birth and postpartum support plans that care for the mother, baby, and the family unit.


Ariana is an empathic, gentle, and nurturing advocate as she empowers birthing mothers to make the best decisions for themselves and the lives they are bringing into the world. 

She has experience in both home and hospital births.


With her postpartum clients, Ariana focuses on both nutrition and mama care. She loves to use her talents as a chef to support new moms by preparing delicious meals.


Ariana spends her time in nature, hiking, reading, cooking, and dancing. She loves working as a volunteer doula and supporting community-led projects to give back to the communities in need. She believes all women deserve to have doula support. Ariana feels extremely grateful to be dedicating her life’s path to birth work. 

Note: Ariana is fluent in both English and Spanish

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"I decided to work with a birth doula to have a natural birth experience with my second child.  I immediately knew Ariana was the right doula for me because of her passion, knowledge and experience with the birthing process.  Ariana was extremely supportive and helpful.  I decided at 36 weeks that I wanted a home birth, she helped me find a fantastic midwife and I ended up having a truly exceptional birth experience.  Ariana also facilitated a beautiful ceremony called a blessing way to celebrate me and my unborn daughter with a few close family and friends.  The blessing way was one of the most precious experiences during my pregnancy. Ariana went grocery shopping stocked my home with nourishing, healthy foods that she prepared for me and my partner after the birth. She also helped me with placenta encapsulation. Ariana prepared amazing meals that were tailored to my preferences and supported my milk supply and healing from the birth.  She also helped my son adjust to having a baby sister.  Words cannot fully express the deep gratitude I have for Ariana's compassion, nurturing, and support.  We even gave our daughter the middle name Ariana as a way to honor the beautiful impact she has had on our lives."    Kelly O. (San Jose)

"I feel so much love and good energy when speaking with Ariana, she really helped reinforce my feeling of trust and confidence in my body throughout my pregnancy. She also was so proactive in helping find the right midwife for me. I am so inspired by how passionate she is about the true magic of pregnancy and birth and anyone who lands in her care will be treated with the utmost respect and love!"     -Sofia R. (Los Angeles)

"Ari was kind, thoughtful, proactive and very helpful. She took care of me and my husband and our baby. She showed us tips and tricks regarding mindfulness to cope with the stress, played with our baby daughter, advised us on healthy eating and cooking for breastfeeding and relaxation techniques and was there to spend time with our daughter and be kind and empathic to us. She is great and I recommend her very much! "   -Daniella B. (San Jose)


"You were truly amazing, loving, nurturing, calm, present and completely open-hearted in the most precious, comforting and beautiful way. My baby girl and I were so blessed by the incredible care you offered throughout my special sacred night."

-Margarit D. (Santa Cruz)

'I met Ari during the last trimester of my pregnancy. She gave me great support during the birth and postpartum period. Ari has a calm and grounding spirit and has an ability to be present and listen to my needs. These were qualities that I really appreciated. I highly recommend her doula services!"   Justine L. (Mexico)

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