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postpartum + night

"While so much attention is paid to the new baby, I believe that new parents need just as much attention and nurturing."


Cameron has been honored to come alongside new families as a postpartum doula but has been a doula at heart for as long as she can remember. Cameron took her love for babies and studied child development, served many families as a nanny, and went on to teach “big kids” as an elementary school teacher. Cameron loved building relationships with the families she taught and saw a need for nurturing, educational support that started from the beginning. Seeing firsthand how a family’s postpartum experience sets the tone for their parenting journey, Cameron loves calmly and lovingly nurturing you so you can nurture your baby.

A trained birth + postpartum doula and childbirth educator, Cameron brings warmth and wisdom to new families as a postpartum and night doula (with a side of humor!) Cameron enjoys keeping your home a calm and cozy environment, encouraging mom’s self-care, and providing hands-on support and education as you navigate newborn care.


For her own self-care, Cameron loves going to movies with her husband Ryan and hosting her friends and family. She’ll be the last one on the dance floor at weddings and loves to travel, but is also just as happy at home playing a game of cribbage, sitting around the firepit, and teaching herself guitar.

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