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live-in care

"I feel this work is a privilege and I love it!"


Christie understands that you need and want skills for confidence and safe baby care. She demonstrates those skills through show-and-tell. And she offers reassurance and support which are essential to you when you feel uncertain in the early days of parenting.


She helps mothers with breastfeeding and self-care which is so important for the health of both mother and baby. Christie wants to make a difference in the beginning days and weeks of a baby's life and the family's experience with their newborn.  She enjoys giving parents relief and some extra sleep and loves to help provide a safe and secure welcome to each new little life.


Christie began her work with babies as an assistant to a newborn foster mother who cared for six newborns at a time in her home; many of these babies had special needs. She also worked with babies and children while a counselor and child advocate in shelters, receiving training in child development, and nurturing children after trauma. Because of this, she is very sensitive to the safety and emotional security of babies and children. Many of the challenges parents face are familiar to her because she has cared for a few hundred newborns in her career, most from birth to three months of age. 


Christie has authored two books, one a workbook for personal growth she uses to teach classes for teen homeless moms in shelters, and the other a poetry book.  She also teaches meditation and practices daily. She has received Zen training in the US and Europe. 

A native Californian, Christie was raised in the Sierras near Yosemite. She raised her two adult children (a son and. a daughter) in the Santa Cruz area and now has three granddaughters.

Christie has traveled extensively in Europe, French Polynesia, Mexico, and Hawaii. The arts drew her to Europe, while scuba diving and sailing sent her to tropical destinations.


She is educated in fine arts and has shown her sculpture and paintings in local galleries and group shows.

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