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postpartum + night

"I absolutely LOVE the work I do as a doula, offering nurturing care to new mamas and their families in the early weeks after birth. Many new parents often underestimate what their needs will be after the baby arrives---they quickly realize that even the simplest tasks become a bit more challenging with a newborn in tow and sleep deprivation puts a special twist on everything. Some are blessed with willing & available family and friends who rally around and offer support. For others, a doula is exactly what they need to carry them through this sacred transition."


As a mother of three, Crystal brings knowledge and compassion to her work and holds the postpartum season in high regard as a very sacred time in life to be honored and protected. During her own postpartum journeys, she realized the importance of loving, nurturing care after birth. These years of personal experience sparked a passion in her heart to help other women on their path of motherhood.


Crystal is trained in both birth and postpartum doula support, and is a certified herbalist and essential oil bodywork practitioner. It is her joy to serve clients with a calm, humble spirit of gratitude and reverence.

Crystal loves reggae, all things health and wellness, and can often be found snapping pictures of beautiful flowers

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