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Breastfeeding, like birth,isn't broken.  When we trust our bodies and the process, nearly all women can be successful!


Emily truly believes it takes a village to nurture mother and baby during the most important time of their lives. Born and raised in the Midwest, she has supported mothers during pregnancy for over fifteen years. Her passion is helping women discover their natural-born abilities, and using various techniques to capitalize on every new mother’s strengths.


As a Certified Lactation Counselor, she guides mothers to become confident in breastfeeding and celebrates the sacredness of the fourth trimester. Emily loves seeing the transformative journey of a family from the antepartum through the postpartum period. She has worked with countless different family styles, religions, and cultural structures, and treats each blossoming family with unconditional love and guidance.

Emily is an aspiring midwife and is currently enrolled in nursing school.  

In her spare time, she loves discovering new restaurants, getting lost in bookstores, and cooking delicious food.


"Emily made breastfeeding simple and seamless. We are still happily nursing at 9 months thanks to her.”  -Kathryn

"Emily has been critical to my lactation journey from before my daughter was born, and through different obstacles postpartum. She is incredibly knowledgeable, patient, empathetic and responsive, which I greatly appreciate. No issue is to small for her to give guidance on."   -Emily K, San Jose


"Emily helped to decrease my blood pressure postpartum by restoring my self confidence as a mom. She allowed me to trust myself and my baby. She was professional and extremely knowledgeable, empathetic and reassuring. Her support postpartum was absolutely priceless and I would recommend her to my best friend."    -Charisse B, San Francisco


"Emily is AMAZING!!! I thought I would have to give up breast-feeding, but she really helped turn it around for me. She was 100% supportive and did not pass judgment on what I had done up to that point to breast-feed my baby."    -Casey K., San Jose, CA


"Emily is so much more knowledgeable than just breastfeeding- she gave us guidance on infant routine, self-care for me postpartum, correct bottle feeding, safe infant sleeping, and swaddling. Emily is extremely down to earth, completely nonjudgmental, and genuine cares about your journey."     -Maude H., Marina Del Rey, CA


"She tells every client that once "you're in the club," you can always text or call her with any questions. A year later, I still text her parenting questions and she responds promptly and thoroughly. Emily is a valuable investment and now a true friend!"     -Joseph T., Culver City, CA

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