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"When I leave parents feeling confident and at ease that lets me know I did the job I came to do. Yet it never feels like a job because I love what I do!"


Gaby's interest in this field began at an early age; she comes from a big family and was always surrounded by not only infants but toddlers and children of all ages. She has always had a strong connection with caring for infants. And now she has been caring overnight for mothers, newborns, and families for over ten years.

The challenges of caring for new families and newborns are satisfying to Gaby, and she loves observing a new parent's successful transition into confident parents. Gaby likes to help families develop day and night routines that are optimal for the growth and development of their baby. She enters into every home with zero judgment, ready to do everything she can do to support and smooth the transition for parents and baby.

Gaby is the mother of an energetic 7-year-old boy on the spectrum, and she has managed many obstacles and challenges associated with her son's delays. She truly enjoys motherhood and looks forward to every day with her son. She loves reading, taking road trips, and her ever-growing collection of house plants.

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