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"The best thing I think all women can do for themselves when it comes to their maternal health is to trust their instincts."


Janae is a wife, mother of three, and a doula.  She completed her doula training through the International Center for Traditional Childbearing in 2016.  Before becoming a doula she worked as a nanny and in childcare.  She also spent thirteen years working in Special Education supporting atypically developing children with a variety of needs.  Janae holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology.  

Her interest in childbirth and maternal health was sparked by her own births.  During her pregnancies, she was shocked to learn about infant and maternal mortality rates in the US.  It was hard to believe that such an advanced country had such poor statistics when it comes to birth.  THIS is what drove Janae to do something about this problem.  She believes that education and support are what is missing in the hospital system when it comes to birth.  She was also inspired by the stories of the Granny Midwives and the work they did in the community.  Janae is grateful for every birth she has been blessed to attend while helping to assure mother, partner and child receive the best medical and doula services possible.  Janae’s favorite thing to say to all of her clients is “you were made to do this.”

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