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postpartum doula

“I want new parents everywhere to flourish during postpartum." 


As a mother of 2 children who struggled through her own postpartum phases, Janae found support for new parents to be nearly non-existent. She knew there had to be a better way. She found a passion in caring for and advocating for new parents, and helping ease the transition into their new life. Serving families in those intimate times as they navigate the early days and weeks of postpartum is truly her dream job.

HER VISION... Janae is a postpartum doula that provides nurturing in-home physical and emotional support, holding space for new parents to release emotions from birth, and to process their postpartum experience. In addition to raising her own 2 children, she has 10+ years of childcare experience, and is certified in postpartum nutrition.

Janae lives in the Bay Area with her two kids, and loves reading fiction, animals, and has a large collection of houseplants.

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