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prenatal yoga instructor

"No fancy postures. No previous yoga experience needed. It’s simply about you coming into yourself a little lighter, a little more full, and a little more empowered."


After years of practicing yoga, in 2010 Jess decided to take the plunge and attend a yoga teacher training. From there she was hooked on teaching. As the oldest of 5, she hadn’t realized that she’d actually been teaching her whole life! Leading yoga classes became a way to express creativity, foster connections with others, and learn about her own physiology. After a series of events made her menstrual cycle unbearable, she thought maybe yoga could be therapeutic for her painful periods.


In this effort, Jess began researching and taking trainings and workshops with experts in pelvic and reproductive health; she then attended Maryland University of Integrative Health where she received a masters degree in yoga therapy. Now, Jess uses the tools of yoga therapy, somatic experiencing, Ayurvedic principles, and the foundation of reproductive justice to guide her work as both a yoga therapist and a full spectrum doula. Clients come to Jess seeking pelvic floor rehabilitation, birth preparation, fertility support, and holistic perinatal therapeutics.


Jess grew up in Maryland, attended Temple University, then after a year of backpacking through Asia, she settled in Washington, DC where she met her partner, Manny. As a result of her education in reproductive health, when Jess became pregnant in 2019 she decided to have a low/no intervention homebirth. After 41 weeks and 3 days, and 18 hours of active labor, her son Hunter flew into the world, making her a mother. When Jess isn’t taking a class on pelvic health or researching, she’s playing with her perfectly rambunctious one-year-old son, Hunter, or traveling with her family.

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