"My job is to serve you, allowing you to focus on and bond with their new baby. I will help you achieve the quiet, harmony, and rest you need in this bonding process."


Kristin's life has always led her to babies, children, and families--she's never met one she didn’t love. Working as a postpartum doula is the fulfillment of a long-time dream.  She feels it is critical for mothers to get help and support in the first days and weeks after birth. Mothers need to rest and focus on themselves, bond with their babies, and learn how to feed them.  Her aim is to give exactly the kind of support needed, whatever that might be.

Kristin spent more than half of her life in Sweden, including serving a mission for her church and raising her family there. She has three children and four wonderful grandchildren.  In 2019,  she remarried  and returned to the US.


In her free time she loves to cook, sew, hike, ride motorcycles, and enjoys anything outdoors.  She also loves playing and being with her grandkids.