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postpartum + sleep coaching

Lanie (pronounced “Lane-ee”) has been fortunate to work with babies for over 20 years as a babysitter, teacher, nanny, and proud mother of three children (including a set of twins). She found her true passion working with new families during her first postpartum period. As a certified postpartum doula and lactation educator it is an honor for her to support new families during such a unique life transition.

Lanie was born and raised in the Bay Area, but adores traveling the world. Some of her favorite countries include: Italy, Croatia, Nepal, Jamaica, and Belize. When she’s not busy with her three wonderful children, she enjoys trying new restaurants, wine tasting, reading, and walking her dog.

 "I believe that no one should have to do this alone. You are absolutely strong! Could you survive this alone if you had to? Yes, of course, but I believe the woman who asks for help and knows her capabilities and limits is the strongest. As your doula, I will do my best to be the mother, grandmother, aunt, and sister who supports YOU so you can take care of your baby."



"She helped us to feel more confident as first -time parents, both by sharing her expertise and encouraging us with her supportive attitude. She knew just how to step in to help when needed, and she gave us lots of advice and tips that have proven indispensable in taking care of our newborn. She also went above and beyond in sending us extra info in emails, and being available over the phone and text. We highly recommend Lanie and would definitely use her again should we need help in the future!”  -Becky  W. Sunnyvale


“She not only helped with breastfeeding, she provided emotional support, encouragement, resources, tips on how to make it through the day with twins! My only regret was not finding her sooner! She’s professional, genuine, caring, knowledgeable, experienced, reliable, honest- all the qualities I want in a doula! If you’re wondering if you need a doula, you definitely should go for it! It’s worth the investment! And Lanie will make it worthwhile! You won’t regret it!”   -Maia  D.  (Fremont )


“I can’t say enough great things about Lanie.  Having her help and support with my second child was invaluable.  She has such a sweet, warm and compassionate personality and from day one she connected with my newborn as if she was her own.Having Lanie’s support during those first few months really made all the difference for me and our family.  I wish I could of had her around for my first and would highly recommend her for anyone looking for a postpartum doula.”   -Valerie V.  (Santa Clara)


“I consider Lanie our guardian angel. She walked into our lives at an extremely low part of motherhood and not only did she help me navigate those first couple months, she slowly helped me regain my confidence.”   -Ally S. (Los Gatos) 

“I looked forward to Lanie’s visits every time. I’m so thankful to Lanie for the help in adjusting to new motherhood again, and for making it a much smoother experience than I had pictured.    -Michelle C. Cupertino

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