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"Supporting a newborn mother necessarily centers the mother as deserving of care and nurturing: when a new mother thrives, the baby will thrive, and then, in fact, the whole family thrives together."


Robyn studied anthropology in college, which set her on a path of studying the human body and the ways in which we create culture & traditions around life's milestones. Then, a fated encounter with a Taos, New Mexico birth center introduced her to midwifery care and what it looks like to really care for mothers. Ever since she has been learning the ways of the midwives and how to support parents on their family's journey. 

Our species has always birthed, breastfed, and parented with help from others. Robyn helps new mothers and families by being a source of knowledge, tools, and positive encouragement. Her guidance is anchored in how your body works and what you are experiencing here and now: so she supports you where you are at, feeds your body & soul, makes you special teas, and helps you thrive. Robyn wants to nurture and celebrate your incredible journey as you give birth to yourself as a newborn mother, and help you bond with your baby and family.

At heart, Robyn is an artist who enjoys playing with paint, henna, and sidewalk chalk. She loves to feed people, brew up a pot of herb, listen to stories about birth and postpartum healing, learn the ways of the wise women, midwives, and medicine people the world over. Her heart sings when she's sitting around a roaring bonfire with loved ones (and maybe some dessert!) under an open sky.  Robyn is a mother of Indra and continues to breastfeed her son.


If she could have one superpower it would be to identify and tell stories about every single herb, flower, tree & medicinal plant on earth! 

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