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birth + postpartum

Savannah grew up surrounded by good food, loud people and loving hands. Early on she learned the value of caring for family and her doula work is an extension of this legacy.  She offers intuitive and evidence-based whole family care, and feels called to support her community in creating more connected futures.


She specializes in warming care, offering home cooked meals, bodywork, baths, and space to integrate as a new family. She loves bringing parents a hot meal, rubbing their feet and hearing how they are feeling in the moment. Her goal is to offer evidence-based information and community resources to keep families informed, connected and empowered. Savannah is honored to support you in finding what is right for your family.

She feels her best when she is with plants, whether in her garden with a cup of tea or wandering up the creek.  She enjoys rest and ease and loves spending long afternoons with her reading, art, and cooking.

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