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birth + postpartum + night

"May all births and postpartums be blessed by having a doula present." 



Valerie was inspired to become a doula when her niece asked for her to be present and coach her at the birth of her first child.  Preparing for her role as a doula, she became completely immersed and excited about the amazing opportunities to share with mothers and their partners at this life-changing moment. Valerie just knew this was the work she was meant to do. She also recognized that the birth of her three children would have looked very different had she had the focused and caring support of a doula by her side.

Valerie is honored to be a part of each and every birth and postpartum experience.  She believes in helping women and their families to create a safe space to labor and to experience the full and amazing joy of birth. She believes in the many benefits of being of service to low-income mothers and teens and the impact providing birth support can bring.

Valerie is a hiker of trails all over California, she spends time in her garden sometimes just staring at the beauty, reads, and enjoys travel to her most favorite places including Ireland, Norway, and the Azores. 


"I interviewed several doulas with excellent reviews and ultimately chose Valerie because of her gentle, maternal and calming nature. Each time we spoke she made me feel at ease and I intuitively sensed that she had a strong capacity to nurture and to empathize. Throughout our relationship, she sent me uplifting messages and reminded me to gently exercise both my mind and body to prepare for my upcoming birth marathon. She also helped me prepare for the best, normal and worse case scenarios so that I could set realistic goals and adopt a flexible outlook if things didn’t work out exactly as I had planned.


Throughout my labor, Valerie was a significant source of emotional and physical support. She coached me through various positions and reminded me of my strength and ability to birth. She watched over me and let my partner rest when he was exhausted. She advocated for me while being respectful of the medical staff. After my surgery, she reminded me that even though I didn’t get to have the birth experience of my dreams, I gave it my all. Looking back, I do feel like I had an empowered birth experience despite not delivering naturally because I don't have regrets about any of the decisions I made along the way. I am so grateful to Valerie for supporting me throughout this journey. "   -Karen B. (Los Gatos)


"She was an incredible, gentle support system the whole time I was in labor, filling me with positive affirmations, reminding me to stay hydrated, trying different positions, etc.  She was also a huge support system for my husband who found it quite difficult to see me in labor and ended up getting physically ill at one point (not much help). ;)


Having a doula is a great choice no matter what, but finding one as knowledgeable and passionate about birth as Valerie made my birth experience not just bearable, but absolutely rewarding. She was such a steady, positive energy throughout my labor. I gave birth to two beautiful babies 10 minutes apart and if I had a chance to do it all over again, I would! I can still hear her voice in my ear, reminding me how close I was to meeting my babies and how in control I was with my breathing. I wish all women were fortunate enough to have such an incredible support system as they welcomed me their little ones into the world."    - Krissy B.

"Valerie helped to ease my fears with her confidence in my abilities and my partner’s. We practiced all the different labor positions and even danced during contractions! As the labor progressed and became more intense...Valerie again helped my partner and I feel relaxed and calm.   I am eternally grateful to Valerie for the love and support she shared with J. and my family and helping to orchestrate an amazing birth experience. We now consider her part of our family. We highly recommend her!"     -Sandra D.

I read somewhere that Doulas are the "mother to the mother". Valerie epitomizes this description. She was invaluable to me and my family as my postpartum doula. Valerie has a very calm yet joyful demeanor. She is extremely empathetic and intuitive, and really understood my feelings and challenges as a new mother. She helped me cope, both emotionally and physically, after my delivery and was always there for me and my family. Valerie took exceptionally good care of my son while I and my husband got some much-needed sleep. I never had to worry about my son when Valerie was around. She generously shared her vast knowledge of postpartum care and newborn care. She constantly thought about what’s best for me and the baby and was extremely responsive over emails and text. She went above and beyond her normal scheduled hours to make sure I and my son were well taken care of. I never felt alone while working with Valerie.


Valerie was there for me the very evening that I came back from the hospital, and she made this visit on a really short notice of a couple of hours. Looking back, as a first-time mother, that first visit was incredibly important to me because Valerie provided a deep sense of support and security, that she will be there for me and my family in this exciting, but often daunting, journey of new parenthood. Valerie will always remain an important part of my family. She will forever be my son’s "Valerie Aaji” (Aaji means grandmother in Marathi- my native language). I highly recommend Valerie to any family looking for postpartum doula, and can assure that they will receive much more than a doula. - Priya


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