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become a Born doula

As doulas our job isn’t just a job—it’s a sacred responsibility to teach women how to trust their bodies, to safeguard postpartum, to normalize postpartum, and to witness the transformation of a couple and the creation of a family. We are blessed to be onlookers to some of the most beautiful moments of life—-gorgeous, raw moments. And a doula who is wholly fueled and supported in her work is even more present for those beautiful moments. A burned out doula? Not so much.


We stretch ourselves thin with long hours, we pour ourselves into our clients, and then we return home exhausted to care for our own partners, children and homes. We work in isolation, sometimes experiencing trauma and frustration and we don’t always have a safe place place to land—people to share with, to counsel with.

We believe that doulas can do what they love and have a life.

We believe that doulas deserve a living wage, an excellent living wage that provides for their families. We believe that doulas deserve a community of sisters to share the pain and the joy with.


I joined the BORN team because I wanted the chance to work alongside other doulas and continue gaining experience with families. As someone who also works independently as a doula and has a busy schedule, I appreciate that I can still support families through BORN but not have to handle all of the administrative “behind-the-scenes” details. I love the flexibility to decide who I am available to support, while also having the freedom to work with my own clients. I also really believe in the BORN system of surrounding new moms with a whole team of support, including her doula, childbirth education, and lactation support. This profession can feel isolating at times, so knowing that I have other doulas on the team who I can reach out to for support, advice, and back-up is a great benefit to working with BORN!

-Cameron, BORN team doula

The BORN community is connected, resourceful, and caring. As a Mom, doula, and massage therapist, I am providing support for many. It is helpful to have a network of knowledge, back up, and team-oriented Doulas who have experience in the field. I feel at home when I can call up a Born member. I love how passionate everyone is! We learn from each other and grow as professionals. I have infinite gratitude and respect for the model of this agency that promotes healthy living within new families.


-Austen, BORN team doula




It’s difficult to find clients. Some months are slow and when you don’t get any inquiries you start to worry about where your next paycheck will come from.

You're not charging what you're worth.  You know the value that you bring to couples but you don't feel confident asking for what you really feel you're worth.

You feel isolated. You work alone, sometimes furtively texting a trusted friend to ask a question. It gets lonely, especially when you can’t talk about the difficult things you witness. You long for a trusted circle of women.

You're tired of all the back-end work.  You dislike answering emails, setting up interviews, sending out contracts, collecting payment.  You'd much rather show up and do the work you love without all the business owner headaches.



  • We provide you with a steady, consistent stream of clients AND you can still have your own personal business.  You only take on BORN clients when and if  you want to!

  • You have a circle of committed doula sisters to be your back-ups.

  • You are paid a generous hourly wage.

  • We are committed to aiding women in having a nourishing, joyful postpartum surrounded by love and support.

  • We are committed to helping clients succeed at breastfeeding.  All clients attend a breastfeeding class taught by a BORN breastfeeding expert and receive a 2-hour lactation visit (with a BORN breastfeeding expert) after they give birth.

  • All clients receive a 30-page postpartum planning workbook, as well as a planning meeting with their doula at 36-weeks.  We aim to have each of our clients be as prepared as possible.

  • You attend monthly doula circles where we come together to dive deep into topics you care about, as well as discussing challenging situations with clients, what we learned and how we can improve.

  • You attend quarterly training to further your education, free of charge!



We want to help you become the doula you were              to be!

Who You Are

  • You’re an experienced postpartum or night doula (15+ families served).

  • You’re passionate about a woman’s right to choose what’s right for HER.

  • You feel comfortable supporting all kinds of families.

  • You love breastfeeding and helping women succeed at breastfeeding. And you’re also comfortable with bottle feeding.

  • You see what needs to be done, and without being asked, you do it.

  • You’re wired to love people, all kinds of people. You love talking to them, learning about them and figuring out what makes them tick.

  • People feel comfortable and easy around you.

  • You believe that women can have a calm, confident postpartum and truly enjoy their experience.

  • You are excellent at going with the flow and you take things as they come.

  • You recognize and develop potential in people.

  • You find it easy to put your thoughts into words and you are a good conversationalist.

  • You enjoy teaching clients.

  • You can sense the feelings of others.

  • You enjoy close relationships with clients and you find deep satisfaction in working hard with couples to achieve their goal of a peaceful postpartum.

  • Your follow directions well and follow through.

  • You have a desire to learn and improve.

  • Your super powers come out to play when you’re in a client’s home. You easily tune into a couple’s needs and respond to them.



If you’re looking for a long-term commitment with a company whose mission is to serve others and change lives, then we’d love to talk to you!  Simply fill out the form below and we'll reach out to you shortly.

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