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postpartum doula + lactation specialist + birth doula + placenta

Birth is deeply intimate, wild, natural. Remember, your ancestors have been doing it for centuries. Your body knows what to do. Trust it. Trust life. Trust you. Let it move you. Transform you. Break you apart and reshape you. Into the most powerful, most beautiful version of you you have yet to know.


Adi Aboody (she/her) is a mother, birth-worker, herbalist, educator and community weaver. She first came across birth work as an undergraduate student at UC Berkeley in 2010, through a student-led course called Female Sexuality. A doula came in to speak to the class, and she remembers being instantly drawn in and deeply moved, which surprised her, and had the thought that one day she’d really love to be a doula. Seven years later, after she went through a highly transformative initiation experience, she said yes to this quiet calling that she could not shake off.

Adi received her certification with Cornerstone Doula Trainings in 2017-2018, a justice-based, public health focused and community centered doula trainings program. She went on to study Herbalism in 2019 at the California School of Herbal Studies, as well as lactation counseling through Breastfeed LA in 2021 & 2023. For six years she has been working as a birth & postpartum doula with an emphasis on holistic health, herbal medicine, nervous system regulation, emotional support, lactation guidance, postpartum rituals, and holding birth as ceremony and initiation. As your doula, Adi is a steady, calming and grounding touchstone for you throughout your birthing journey. She is there to remind you of your own strength, intuition and grace. She is your trusted ally, advocate & resource, she helps you feel more organized, prepared and confident in your vision, and she will reflect your power, hold you through challenge, and respect your choices. Adi will celebrate you in joy, honor your struggles, and show up with care and heart. She is on your team as you navigate the terrain of having a baby in this wildly complex, modern world. Her background is in nature-based & Jewish education, community & culture building, dance & somatic expression, humans rights justice & advocacy, and supporting rites of passage.

Through becoming a mother herself in August of 2022, Adi has been learning first hand what it truly means to be with the wild ride that is birth. Going through it herself has only further affirmed her love of birth, her dedication and commitment to this work and changing the culture around birth, and is honored to support others along their perinatal journeys. When not doing doula work, Adi loves to spend time immersed in nature, sharing creative home cooked meals with her community, exploring foreign lands, getting lost in a good novel, and shaking her booty in Afro-Brazilian dance classes. She lives in Sebastopol with her husband and sweet baby boy, Miel.


I have known Adi in a variety of capacities both professional and personal. She is implicitly trustworthy in her care of mothers and babies while possessing all of the qualities that are ideal in a doula. Adi has a special blend of the soft qualities of heart, depth, soulfulness and spirituality. She emanates care, warmth, interest. At the same time, she is reliable, professional, helpful, practical and resourceful. Her experience supporting families directly as an educator, care-provider and guide inform a style that is collaborative, honoring of the process and that make her both easy and enjoyable to work with.

“My fiancé and I recently had our first child, Luna at Kaiser Oakland. Since it was our first time, we wanted to make sure we had all of the support we needed and hired Adi as our Doula. That was the best decision we made as we prepared to have Luna, because we had no idea what we were in for. Adi was there for the 24-36 birth/labor and gave us support and guidance the whole way. She acted as our champion that was independent of the hospital and made sure we understood everything that was happening. We encountered some issues where Luna’s heart rate dropped every contraction and after 24 hours of labor, we went in for a C section. She reassured us that approach we were taking was the best one and provided us with a level of comfort as we went into the unknown. I would highly recommend that you hire Adi as a Doula and she will make the process much easier for you and your family. ”

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