Meet our founder and doula-in-chief, Alicia Fishbein

Alicia has been a lover of babies and birth all her life. She comes from a family of seven children so her exposure to babies and children began early.  She held her first baby at age 21 months (her younger sister) and hasn’t let up since.   And it’s rather telling that her favorite book as a child was, Where Do Babies Come From?

All three of her children were born at home, with the support of midwives and doulas, and her births changed her life. In 2013, Alicia decided to convert her love of babies and birth into the fantastic, dynamic, magical work of birth and postpartum, and.....BORN was born!. Since then she has been honored to attend nearly 300 births, as well as serving over 100 families in the time after baby’s birth as a postpartum doula, sleep coach, and potty trainer.

Watching parents learn and grow, and achieve as they move through their birth, and postpartum is what feeds Alicia's soul.  She wholeheartedly believes in women's innate power, she knows that birth can be trusted, and she deeply values the role that dads and partners play.  Again and again, Alicia has seen that when a woman is equipped with an excellent education, dogged determination, and serene support, that woman can do ANYTHING! 

Alicia considers herself blessed to be married to Shane, who she calls, "the most patient man in the world."  He is the peanut butter to her chocolate and makes her world go round. Together they are raising a crew of kids they adore--- Sage, Micah, and Haven. 


Alicia loves British period dramas, tasty food, thrifting, turning her music up loud, playing the piano, and hiking with her family.  In quiet moments you'll find her curled up with a book and a cup of tea.

"Birth is more than pushing a baby out of your body, and postpartum is more than feeding your baby and healing.  Those beautiful, challenging, raw times allow us to discover our deep strength, our mother wisdom, and to birth ourselves.
Not just babies are born--- mothers, fathers, and families are born."

Meet the team behind our team

Julia is a woman of many trades and talents, based in Salt Lake City, Utah. She is a lifelong musician, and currently balances her BORN work with her mid-sized cello studio, and with her growing homestead raising chickens, ducks, and rabbits.


For many years she has been invested in better birth, and in individual autonomy, and she has experience working on staff in a high-volume birth center. She is a skilled researcher, organizer, and communicator, who can also build a quail hutch from scratch, melt your soul with some unaccompanied Bach, skin a rabbit, and hold her own in Broadway trivia. 

client care specialist

Teresa grew up in a family of all girls and from an early age was inspired by the love that is generated when caring for others.  She became a doula over five years ago and has served families with love and warmth ever since.


Currently, Teresa is pausing some of her doula work to take care of her youngest child, but she loves staying connected to the birthing world.  Meeting parents as they await their baby’s arrival brings her right back to the intense feelings of hope and love that she experienced just a few months ago!

client coach

Jordan grew up on the beautiful island of Maui, and currently lives in  Orange County with her husband and baby girl, Willow.


After having an intensely-glorious water birth at home, Jordan felt called to the world of birth. She is passionate about mamas + babies being unconditionally supported and honored in their sacred journeys through labor, birth, and postpartum healing.


In addition to loving her baby girl and supporting women in birth, Jordan enjoys cooking (but mostly eating) delicious food, watching movies that make her laugh, and being barefoot! 

client coach
client coach

Cameron has been honored to come alongside new families as a postpartum doula but has been a doula at heart for as long as she can remember. Cameron took her love for babies and studied child development, served many families as a nanny, and went on to teach “big kids” as an elementary school teacher. Cameron loved building relationships with the families she taught and saw a need for nurturing, educational support that started from the beginning. 


For her own self-care, Cameron loves going to movies with her husband Ryan and hosting her friends and family. She’ll be the last one on the dance floor at weddings and loves to travel, but is also just as happy at home playing a game of cribbage, sitting around the firepit, and teaching herself guitar.

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