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birth + postpartum doula

"I believe everyone should have the support and knowledge to train their mind, body, and soul for their most important and strenuous life events - pregnancy, birth, and postpartum!”


Alyssa’s journey to becoming a certified fertility, birth, and postpartum doula began while she was pregnant with her first daughter after going through cancer treatments in her early 20s and being told she was not going to be able to have any biological children. Now as the mother of two miracle daughters, she truly knows how momentous this precious life event is and why nourishing a birther's mind, body, and soul can stack the cards in their favor for a more joyous pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.


She uses her background as a certified holistic Nutrition Consultant, personal trainer, and Reiki level II practitioner to enhance her doula clients experience throughout the pregnancy and postpartum periods.


You can find Alyssa inside the house hand embroidering, making clay earrings, reading, meditating, and teaching her young children how to dance and cook or find her outside tending chickens, gardening, weightlifting, hiking and camping around Sonoma County with her family.

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During our initial meeting, I felt such unconditional support and care from Alyssa. Her gentle and maternal, yet strong and supportive energy was exactly what I needed to feel confident and vulnerable during the birth itself. Alyssa is a mom herself and is younger than some of the other doulas I met, which made me feel understood and supported. Alyssa was absolutely integral to my dream birth! First, our prenatal appointments were wonderful. She met us at our home, and made sure to thoroughly teach us techniques and preparations for birth. Her handouts and online portal made it easy to reference what we discussed. She was also very available and responsive throughout my pregnancy if I had any questions or concerns as I experienced new symptoms as a first-time mom.

During the birth itself, Alyssa was everything I could have asked for in a doula. She held me as I labored, encouraged me with affirmations, and lovingly cared for me in the most difficult and vulnerable moments. She also was very conscious of my husband's role, and the two of them were able to work together seamlessly. I truly don't know what I would have done without her!

I have countless instances that I am grateful for Alyssa. She stayed with us for 11+ hours, throughout the birth itself and the first check-up, and captured the most precious photos of our new family, and baby as she was being weighed and checked. Having here there to document all of these sacred moments was invaluable, and something that hadn't really occurred to me until seeing them afterwards.

There were also moments, like when I was laboring on the toilet, when a woman's care, encouragement, and gentle touch was so soothing and allowed me to progress much faster than if I had been in the same position with my husband. Again, these are things that didn't necessarily occur to me as I thought about preparing for birth, but made all the difference in the moment.

I credit Alyssa for not only helping me achieve my dream birth but for instilling a sense of empowerment and confidence that will resonate with me for a lifetime.

In retrospect, I cannot express enough gratitude for Alyssa's unwavering dedication, expertise, and genuine care. Her role as my doula was nothing short of transformative, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking a supportive and compassionate partner on their journey to parenthood. - Sydney

As a first-time dad, I had no idea what to expect in any part of pregnancy and the birth. The uncertainty can be scary, as I wanted to be as helpful as possible, without unintentionally creating more stress for my wife. Alyssa's responsiveness and availability were reassuring, providing me with the support and guidance we needed to navigate all of the newness. Her awareness of my role during the birth was particularly noteworthy, and she seamlessly integrated my involvement in a way that complemented the overall birthing experience.

During the birth itself, Alyssa's presence was a game-changer. Alyssa's affirmations and encouragement were a source of strength for my wife, creating an environment of trust and confidence. I felt like I was still incredibly involved, but I know that Alyssa's care and support made a huge difference for my wife. - Dexter

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