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more happy... in a pill

Increased energy, faster recovery, balanced emotions, and more milk.

Feel better in postpartum utilizing your body's own medicine

Our clients who choose placenta encapsulation report having more energy, a faster recovery, balanced emotion, and more milk. The placenta is a powerhouse organ, chock-full of vitamins, minerals, hormones, and iron, all nutrients your body needs after birth. Born doulas are encapsulation experts and have safely processed over 150 placentas. We follow strict OSHA standards as well as holding food handlers’ licenses; you can rest assured that your safety and health are our top priority.

As your due date approaches, we will send you a transport kit that includes: a cooler, bags for placenta storage, and detailed instructions. After your baby is born, you text us and we come within 12 hours of birth to pick up your placenta (from home, birth center or hospital).

The encapsulation process takes 48-72 hours, at which point we deliver your carefully prepared placenta pills along with a detailed dosing guide.

You can feel fantastic

after you give birth. 


Add placenta pills to rest, nourishment, sunshine, and postpartum support, and you have a winning strategy!

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