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have a positive, powerful experience

You’re here because you’ve dreamed of a birth that breaks the rules:

A birth without fear, without suffering, without intervention.

A birth where you are in charge, where your wishes are respected and trusted, where you are surrounded by real believers.  A gentle, joyful landing for your little one.

With Born Doulas, you'll find out what you can do when you're truly believed in!

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Your doula is your loving guide through pregnancy 

First, you will choose your BORN doula from our team of wonderful women. Your doula will be with you throughout this entire process. You can go to her with questions, concerns, and celebrations knowing she will always be there to listen, troubleshoot, and cheer you on!

Next, you'll join Intentional Birth, our comprehensive 6-week online childbirth class taught by Alicia and included in any birth package you purchase. This evidence-based class includes 12 modules on every topic: birth physiology, the stages of labor, induction (and avoiding it!), comfort measures, how to prepare your mind and body ready, your options and choices in birth, writing a birth plan, how your husband/partner can support you through labor, your rights as a patient, how to advocate for those rights, It's all online and it will help you truly, deeply prepare for a birth where you will be transformed.


Finally, your doula will come to your home between 32 -36 weeks for a birth plan review/birth rehearsal (practicing for the big day).  And one final video meeting at 38 weeks to reconnect and review. In that same window of time before birth you'll attend our 2-hour breastfeeding class taught by one of our team lactation experts.


What will my doula do for me during birth?

When you are in early labor, your doula will be in frequent touch by phone and/or video. And when birth progresses to the point that you desire in-person support (active labor), your doula will join you in your home. Once she arrives she will guide you and emotionally support you and your partner, providing insight and reassurance, as well as massage, positioning, and movement for comfort. Your doula will encourage you and aid you in understanding what’s happening as birth progresses. She will help you know when to head to the hospital/birth center or, for those birthing at home, when to bring your midwife in.


More on birth support and the first hours after

For those who are planning a hospital birth, our signature move is to help you stay at home as long as possible. And then we ride along with you in your car to your birthplace—we don’t know of any other doulas who do this!

Moving to the hospital can be an overwhelming experience—bright lights, strangers, questions. Your Born doula has been through this process many times and knows exactly how to assist you in making a seamless transition. She will create a relaxing environment for you (aromatherapy, music, lighting, and more) and will continue the work that began in your home. She will advocate for you, work with your medical providers, support your birth plan because she is on YOUR team.  As decisions need to be made, your doula will help you understand the pros and cons and share alternative solutions.

For those birthing at home, the process is a little different. Your doula will help you prepare your home for birth and communicate with your midwife throughout the process. Your midwife and Born doula will work as a team to create a nurturing experience for you and your partner.

Whether you birth in the hospital or out, after your sweet baby arrives your doula will stay to ensure that breastfeeding is well established and you are nourished and settled. A few days later your doula will visit your home to reconnect and review your birth with you.

To ensure your success with breastfeeding after your baby is born a BORN lactation counselor will provide you with a virtual or in-home visit; that's 2 hours of private lactation support.

"Birth is not only about babies.  It's about making mothers; strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and believe in their inner strength."

-Barbara Katz Rothman


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