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birth + postpartum doula, Chinese cultural postpartum support {zuo yuezi}, birth photographer extraordinaire

 Cherie has an incredible ability to work closely with families to visualize their dream birth, and/or plan the transition to postpartum so that you (and your support team) feel prepared once you are home with your baby.

THEY BELIEVE... in supporting any birthing person regardless of their birthing choices and centers their care around being as inclusive as possible, while holding a safer, judgement free space for folx to share their concerns and fears.

Your birthing journey is sacred, and Cherie’s goal is to work with each family and their team to honor each individual parenting journey.

A Cornerstone Doula trained professional, Cherie is a Queer & genderqueer parent of two amazing kids with a super supportive co-parent & partner. She is an immigrant from Singapore & currently resides in Oakland (Chochenyo Ohlone Land). After the birth of their second baby almost didn’t go as planned, their birth confirmed what she already knew - that birth workers & doulas are pivotal in all births.

Cherie is of the co-founders of the Asian Birth Collective, a landing space by and for Asian and Pacific Islander identifying birthing folx that offers birth resources, information and birth stories. Check it out here! (

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