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birth doula + lactation specialist

"Sometimes all we need is a little help, encouragement and love to embrace the next step of our lives."


Shante's journey into the birth field was inspired by her mother's venture into newborn photography, where she eagerly lent her assistance and discovered her passion for supporting new mothers. She became a program coordinator at a nonprofit organization, dedicated to aiding young mothers in accessing crucial resources and medical assistance. After completing her DONA training and volunteering at San Francisco General Hospital, Shante's dedication led her to become a compassionate and skilled doula.


In her role as a birth and postpartum doula, Shante offers support to expectant and new mothers throughout their transformative journey. Her dedication extends from pregnancy through birth and into the postpartum period, providing crucial emotional and physical assistance during these pivotal moments. With specialized training in breastfeeding support, Spinning Babies, and HypnoBirthing, Shante is well-equipped to empower mothers with a range of holistic techniques and knowledge. 


Shante, a proud Novato native, embodies a vibrant and lighthearted spirit. When she's not busy assisting mothers on their incredible journeys, she finds joy in hiking, meditation, and yoga, embracing the beauty of nature and inner peace. As a loving dog and cat mom, she adores showering her furry companions with affection, and her weekends are best spent alongside her partner and their beloved dog, creating cherished memories by the beach. 

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