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birth doula

“Birth teaches you how strong you truly are, trust yourself and embrace the transformation!" 


Neva discovered her passion for doula work in 2017, believing it to be the perfect amalgamation of her interests in reproductive health and justice and the skills she honed as a coach for women's college athletics. Raised in Palo Alto, California, she moved to Portland, Oregon for her undergraduate studies and made it her home for a decade. However, she eventually returned to her birthplace and now serves families across the East Bay, the peninsula, and the larger Bay Area.

SHE IS DEDICATED... to providing evidence-based, trauma-informed, and client-centered care for all birthers. She meets her clients exactly where they are, holding space for the entire spectrum of perinatal emotions, bridging any knowledge gaps about birth options and rights, and aiding her clients in preparing both emotionally and physically for labor and the postpartum period. She firmly believes in the wisdom inherent in the body of the birther, intervening during labor only when necessary. Her support style is flexible, adapting to what is required in each moment.

Committed to ensuring that her clients and their families feel supported, informed, and confident throughout the birth and postpartum experience, Neva isn't hesitant about advocating for them in their birth setting to guarantee a safe and respected birth experience. She brings humor and non-judgment to her work, supporting birthers in making informed decisions that suit their individual needs. Her ultimate goal is for her clients to feel confident and courageous as they surrender to the power of this miraculous process!

Neva currently resides in Oakland with her beloved cat, Olive. She has a deep love for animals, enjoys drawing and bodysurfing, and shares jokes with friends (believing herself to be quite funny). She strongly advocates for community and mutual support.

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