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"Childbirth is an incredible opportunity for a profound and unique experience for each mama, couple, and family.  I believe every mother deserves compassionate support and the tools to help her feel prepared and confident to embrace the transforming journey towards welcoming her baby in peaceful surrender."


Rosevera's work is inspired by a love and passion for babies; she's always been drawn to them and loved caring for them.  From a very young age, she remembers being responsible for the neighborhood kids in her little town in Ghana.  As an adult, nannying was the next natural step, and she's worked with many families over the last three decades in Ghana, London, and the U.S.


She first learned about doula work during her sister-in-law's pregnancy in 2007, and immediately decided to become one.  She is a certified birth and postpartum doula, as well as a holistic health and nutrition coach.

She considers it an incredible gift to do this sacred work of serving mamas and families. She is passionate about working with couples to help them prepare and feel confident as they embark on becoming parents for the first, second or third time.

Rosevera's favorite title is "Auntie" to her nine nephews. Spending time with family and close friends nourishes her soul. She has a huge appetite for learning all things pregnancy, birth, wellness, and nutrition. She treasures spending the day in Carmel or Capitola on the beach, or in a coffee shop.

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Having someone come and be part of the fabric of your family is so scary after just having a baby, but having Rosevera there just feels so natural. She fits in so easily, she's so kind, loving, and most of all she just adores babies. You can tell it's her passion. She helped my infant take a bottle, sleep in his crib, and learn a routine... priceless. I can't say enough about how fabulous she is. You will be so delighted. She's a must have. - Kate S (Willow Glen)

With our first child, we were mostly just afraid of the unknown.  Jesse also has an extra sensitivity to blood.  He faints when he sees blood, and we were afraid he might faint during the birth.  Though the fainting wasn’t ever an issue, with our second and third child, we knew we were putting our children in good hands… Literally…  The medical staff at Kaiser were so confident in Rosevera’s abilities, they asked her if she wanted to receive the baby. We chose Rosevera because of her peaceful demeanor, and her ability to stay calm around chaos.  During all of our births, there was a level of chaos that really needed her calming and peaceful influence.  We also knew that she was not only knowledgeable of the physical aspects of childbirth, she cares deeply!  It is inspiring to see her love for children!


With our second child, we weren’t sure how fast active labor was coming, and how close we actually were to giving birth.  It went so much faster than our first child.  Because Rosevera encouraged us to go to the hospital when she did, our son was born in a safe place.  Had we waited any longer, he may have been born on the way to the hospital.  We got to the hospital, got her checked in and the baby came within that hour.  We owe the health and well-being of our son in part to Rosevera’s influence.


We wanted to give birth naturally and without drugs or other interventions by the medical staff.  Rosevera helped us by offering massages, suggesting different positions to try, music, scents, and always helped us focus on breathing.  We never even got close to needing any medical interventions, and I believe that having Rosevera there helped accomplish that goal. Rosevera did everything possible to help prepare us and assuage our fears before the birth.  During the labor is when she really shines.  She is not pushy, she doesn’t seem distant, she finds the right balance by reading the room and listening to her clients. 
What stands out the most is Rosevera’s commitment to her client’s goals and your commitment to the best birthing experience.  We were never worried that she wouldn’t be available when we needed her.  Thank you for all that you do!
- Jesse & Deya 

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