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birth doula

Sophia has been working with mothers, newborns and children as a nanny and full spectrum Postpartum Doula for over twenty years, and Birth Doula since 2014.  Her formal birthwork training includes CARRIAGE HOUSE BIRTH Full Spectrum Doula Training (2022), DONA INT’L BINI BIRTH Doula Training (2014) and she is a passionate ORGASMIC BIRTH™ Practitioner and educator.  As a birth doula she brings grounded presence, fearlessness and Love.   


“My mother, who had four of her five children at home, told me from the beginning how amazing birth is, her ‘favorite thing to do.’ I am equal measures a devotee of the wisdom of our bodies, and a fierce protector of the sacredness of birth — in any space.”


Sophia’s skill and compassion in high intensity situations that center primal creativity, embodiment and empowerment is enhanced by decades of experience in movement, performance, filmmaking and community building. She is also a classically trained and certified Pilates teacher, with a focus on prenatal and postnatal strength and embodiment. A true Virgo, Sophia loves being surrounded by natural beauty, good food and music, and laughter.

I made the choice to have an at home/water birth for my first child. Little did I know how intense this journey would be. Sophia helped me to focus, breathe, and be in the moment while letting go of the pain. I can honestly say that I would not have gotten through this adventure, at home, without her. It was a 33 hour labor, 3 and 1/2 of which was pushing and by the end, I was exhausted beyond what I imagined exhaustion to be. The moments that I felt like I would give up and head to the hospital to get an epidural, Sophia was with me, telling me how much of a Goddess I am and how I can do this. She sat with me during my most vulnerable moments and made me feel more comfortable than I ever expected to be… naked, nauseous, shaking in pain, feeling exposed - Sophia was my shelter from everything that made me feel uncomfortable.

- Katie 

My husband and I knew we had a special connection with Sophia and that she would be the perfect support for the delivery of our first child. I loved hearing of her background coming from a big family and truly saw her passion in childbirth. Labor was a lot longer than expected... Sophia has magic hands and somehow knew just what a pregnant lady giving birth needed!! She massaged different pressure points that immediately relaxed me especially during super painful contractions. After laboring for almost 16hours and basically only eating ice chips, I caved for the epidural. Only one person could be with me in the room when they were inserting the needle. Look, I love my husband and he is absolutely amazing but when the anesthesiologist told me I had to stay absolutely still even when a contraction came, I had to make the call that Sophia was who I needed during that time. She helped me focus on breathing techniques and kept my mind off of the pain and to be in the present moment. Seriously love her for that!! I am so thankful for Sophia being by our side and the best doula support we could have ever asked for!

- Elizabeth 

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