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birth doula + lactation specialist + placenta encapsulation specialist

Sadie has always had a career in care, from being a zookeeper to a preschool teacher, and now a doula! Her love for providing a peaceful and nurturing environment has always been with her. She stumbled across the role of the doula when watching “The Business of Being Born.” When she learned about the emotional, physical, educational, and family support Douala provide during this transition, she knew it was her calling. Over two years and many births later, she can’t imagine wanting to work in any other field! 

HER GOAL...Sadie support families in Labor and Lactation as a birth doula and breastfeeding counselor. She holds your autonomy first and above all else, seeking to empower and support you in this journey and any curve balls thrown your way. She holds a faith in physiology approach, meaning she respects and holds sacred the process of birth even when intervened through choice or necessity. Her goal is for you to feel like every choice you made was the best choice for you and your family. 

When she is not helping families bring their most precious babies earthside, she is volunteering at her local zoo, or searching antique stores for vintage dresses to rock! She has a passion of learning and is currently studying to become a midwife. She believes she is blessed beyond words for her work to be her passion. 

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