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postpartum doula

Adrianna's dedication to childcare spans over a decade, stemming from a lifelong passion. She has witnessed first-hand the struggles new mothers face as they navigate the unfamiliar terrain of motherhood, while also caring for themselves and their families. The fulfillment she derives from being a dependable pillar for these mothers further fuels her commitment. This led her to an epiphany - she wanted to be a beacon of support during one of the most transformative periods in a woman's life.

HER VISION... As a postpartum doula, Adrianna finds immense gratification in supporting families with evidence-based knowledge during the critical days and weeks following childbirth. Drawing from her wealth of experience, she imparts practical skills such as latching techniques, skin-to-skin bonding, feeding assistance, establishing beneficial sleep schedules, and self-care tips. Initially equipped with a host of learned and studied skills, Adrianna continues to expand her expertise to encompass emotional, physical, and educational support. Her focus isn't limited to newborn care; she also prioritizes the needs of the birthing parents.

Adrianna is a native of Oakland, now living in Fremont. She has a fondness for building Legos and boasts a modest collection. Additionally, her culinary skills, honed through years of kitchen work, see her constantly challenging herself with new recipes for healthy, homemade meals and baked treats. A strong advocate for physical and mental wellness, Adrianna maintains an active lifestyle.

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