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postpartum doula

“It is the biggest honor to behold humans at their most gorgeously raw moments and provide them with the care they really need" 


Zoe is a trained Postpartum Doula and Photographer from Sonoma County with a passion for all things birth. She was inspired to become a doula after attending the birth of her little brother at 15 years old. It cracked her world wide open, and showed her the power and beauty each trimester can bring. 

HER PASSION IS... about bringing non judgement and compassion care to each and every family. Radical empathy is at the forefront of her practice. She will alway come with her camera in hand (If that is comfortable for you and your family) to capture your precious moments for you to have and cherish well beyond your time together.

Zoe offers education, meal prep resources, newborn care and great/ chest feeding support.

She lives in Sebastopol with her beloved cat Ru and enjoys yoga, photography, knitting, reading, spending time with her family and continuing her birth education and practice. 

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Zoe Rose loves babies! She treated my baby so well, which helped me feel better, especially as a brand new first time solo mom. She also showed me so much care and warmth. She drove really far to be our doula and help us. She spent her own time researching and sending me info and strategies for my baby. I highly recommend her!!! - Rosina

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