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postpartum doula + lactation specialist + birth doula

“Education is a great strategy but empowerment is the goal" 


Catherine is a SF native, lives in Daly City, CA  and  has four children. She answered the call to birth work when she herself experienced a traumatic birth. Her journey began in 2013 and her main goal as a birth worker was to provide wrap-around services so other families wouldn’t endure what she had.  She centers empowerment as her work's main focus. Catherine’s  passion is to provide sustainable, accessible and equitable care to birthing and postpartum families. With 10 years of experience, Catherine has supported families during the prenatal stage, labor and delivery, and provides postpartum and lactation education.

Whether you are delivering in hospital or a home birth, Catherine has a hands-on approach in partnering with your support system and health care team. She provides emotional and physical support during each stage: prenatal, labor and delivery, as well as in-person postpartum visits. Catherine also provides prenatal education and post-natal planning because she believes that education about what you are going to experience leads to empowerment. Catherine always creates a safe space for open dialogue about pregnancy, delivery and recovery, and provides evidence based resources. 

Catherine's favorite drinks are an oat milk cappuccino. She spends most of her free time in her yard journaling, listening to a podcast or walking near the beach. 

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